ARRGGHHH!! How do I get noticed??!!?? Six tips for growing your new business.

Waiting for customerTwo common questions we get are “How do I get my business started?” and  “How can I grow my new business?”.

Most solopreneurs don’t have a lot of excess cash and are trying to find economical methods for business growth.  The following six tips may help you expand your businesses at the local level:

1. For starters, we recommend Chris Guillebeau’s book The $100 Startup.  This book has some great case histories and ideas.

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Apply “Business Love” for greater success as an entrepreneur

Business LoveNo, I am not talking here about love for your business.  Love for your business is a definite requirement but here I am talking about traits that you need to show in the conduct of your business.  This overall trait of “business love” has probably never been presented to you before so here goes.

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How free workshops can help grow your business

Public SpeakingOne particular method that we believe in for growing a business is to offer free workshops.  You can usually advertise these workshops at no cost in your local newspaper.  (We can help you learn to set-up your workshops if this idea appeals to you.  Just let us know.)

The free workshops can accomplish several things:

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So, you want to start your own business? Watch out!

Success or failureSo, you want to start your own business? I am truly excited for you.

 I started my own business in 1978 because I was certain that I could build a better and cheaper stereo speaker than any that were available.  However, all I knew about stereo speakers at the time was how I loved playing my speakers loudly while enjoying my favorite music.  I knew nothing about the design details of stereo speakers. I had to learn some rudimentary details in a hurry.

Well, I blew through my retirement money (which I took out in cash from my “last” job) within 6 months  – and discovered I knew nothing about how to price or market the few speakers I was able to build every week.

I was near broke and in serious financial trouble.

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